ICT Workshop

This event is targeted at the community (10-12 years old) around SJK(C) Neng Shing’s area in an effort to enhance their creativity and innovation skills at an early age. The workshop is conducted on 8 July 2022 from 10am until 1pm. Overall, there are 19 students attended the workshop. Overall, the workshop achieved all of its intended objectives as all students were able met the set objectives. Students show great interest towards TRIZ as they get to have a hands on experience activity during the workshop.

Creativity is the ability to produce work that is original yet appropriate-something that others have not thought of but that is useful in some way. The significance of creativity for student’s development is very high as they learns to innovate as well as invent while doing creative activities. Students will be exposed to TRIZ principles during the workshop via a hands-on experience in the application of creativity and innovation in real life. It is important to cultivate students’ creativity and innovation skills for their own benefits.

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