UCTS English Debate Competition 2021

The UCTS English Debate Competition was successfully carried out on 6 November 2021 (Saturday). The debate competition, which was opened to all UCTS students, aimed to provide a platform for students to participate in a positive academic discussion, boost their confidence, and improve their public speaking abilities. It is necessary to note that due to the global pandemic, for the first time ever, the debate competition was conducted online via the Zoom application. A total of six (6) teams registered for the competition. However, two (2) of the teams withdrew their participation due to technical issues. Other than that, the online aspect of the competition does not hinder it from achieving its aim of encouraging a positive academic discussion among students. All debaters put forward strong points and arguments to support their stand on the issues under discussion which are “Online Learning Should be a Norm in Education” and “Vaccination Should be Mandatory”. The debate competition was adjudicated by Madam Nadira Abdul Rahman, Madam Stephanie Larry Daniel, Madam Jill Ling, Mr. Howes Sallang Entika, Mr Mohd Kamarul Anwar bin Mohd Suhaimi, and Madam Noor Zainee binti Seli. The results declared were as follows: Winning team – Team 5 (Allester Bong and Lim Sir Jia from School of Business and Management) Second place team – Team 2 (Dylan Cheng and Terence Yap from School of Foundation Studies) Best Debater – Allester Bong The winners received cheques amounting RM300 while the second place team received cheques amounting RM200. The best debater received cheques amounting RM100.

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