UCTS Business Plan Competition


The UCTS Business Plan Competition was organized at 30 August 2019 (Friday) from 2pm-5pm. The UCTS Business Plan Competition aims to stimulate entrepreneurship among students. The competition was open to all UCTS students who are enroll in July semester 2018/2019.

This competition was a group competition where students were required to be in a group of up to 5 members. At the end of the competition, three best submissions were selected by a three-person jury of lecturers to be the competition winners. Two juries were from Centre of University Courses and Innovative Learning (UCiL) and one jury was from School of Business and Management (SBM).

Winners of the UCTS Business Plan Competition

1st place:

Ngo Jun Xian (BBA19070012)
Kelvin Tang Kai Ren (BQS19070001)
Natalie Liew Hui Yuen (BBA19070002)
Devona Tan (BQS19070002)
Wong Min Ling (BAC19070001)

2nd place:

Aurelia Fidelia Anak Adison Langgar (BFT18090001)
Kenneth Kong Jia Song (BBA17020044)
Pallystair O’Brian Poh (BBM19070013)
Thomas Anak Stanley Temenggong (BEP17070001)
Ephraim Eng Eden (BEP17090006)

3rd place:

Ho Hui Jun (BQS19070004)
Eric Pui Yung Fui (BQS19070010)
Jocelyn Wong Siew Wei (BSA19070009)
Jonathan Bong Cheng En (BQS19070012)

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