Academic Integrity and Plagiarim Workshop: APA Referencing System

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Workshop: APA Referencing Workshop was conducted as part of the UCiL lecturers’ professional contribution and commitment to equip students with the proper information and skills necessary to uphold academic integrity in their university life. As the focus of the workshop is university students, this workshop was offered to all interested undergraduates in the two universities in Sibu, which are UCTS and OUM. The workshop, held on 30 October 2021 (Saturday), have the following objectives: 1) to introduce students to the importance of academic integrity and honesty; 2) to inform students of the proper way to avoid plagiarism and curb academic dishonesty; 3) to introduce students to APA Referencing System; and 4) to provide students with the skills necessary for a proper citation and referencing. A total of 56 students, with 44 OUM students and 12 UCTS students joined the workshop. The workshop was divided into 2 session: Morning and Afternoon. In the morning session, the students were introduced to the issue of academic integrity and plagiarism. Mdm Stephanie Larry also explained in length the various ways students can take in order to avoid plagiarism and curb academic dishonesty. In the afternoon session, the students were introduced to APA referencing system. The students were also taught the skills and knowledge necessary to do a proper in-text citation and reference list by Madam Nadira. At the end of the workshop, the students were given short a short fun quiz in order to test their knowledge and understanding of APA Referencing System.

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